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1) My best friend has a great _ (PERSON) and everyone likes her.
2) I have a good _ (RELATE) with my mum and I can talk to her about anything.
3) They’ve just published a book of George Bush’s _
(CORRESPOND) and it looks really interesting.
4) Jenny seemed _ (WILLING) to talk about her argument with Nancy, but I eventually got the facts.
5) As I waited for Kelly to arrive at the cinema, I bit my nails _
6) Ignore what Sharon says about you. Its just _ (JEALOUS).
7) In the past, children were expected to be very _ OBEY).
8) Brenda blames her _ (HAPPY) on being single, but Im not so sure.
9) Tom knew that being chosen as class president was a real _ (ACHIEVE).
10) Kevins so sensitive that you have to be very _ (CARE) what you say to him.

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1. personality
2. relationships
3. correspondence
4. unwilling
5. nervously
6. jealousy
7. obedient
8. unhappiness
9. achievement
10. careful

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