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Раскройте скобки пожалуйста ребят :3 I (to take) my sister to school tomorrow. She (to do) her morning exercises every day? Timothy (to feed) his dog now? Nancy (to paint) her kitchen last year. She (to dance) at the moment. The children (to brush) their teeth every morning. She always (to do) her homework. You (to work) at the hospital next year? John and his friends (not to go) to the library on Mondays. Sam (to sit) at his desk now. She (not to study) Geography two years ago. My brother (to play) computer games yesterday? He (not to help) his father now. they (not to go) to the river for a swim tomorrow. She (not to play) the guitar every day Our children (to play) football tomorrow? Ann usually (not to go for a walk) in the evening

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I will take... Does she ... ...Is feeding... Nancy ?painted?... She is dancing... ...brush... She always do... Did you work... ...didnt go... (ДАЛЬШЕ НЕ УСПЕВАЮ,ИЗВИНИТЕ)

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